February 5, 2015

New Home First Look: Entry, Living Room & Kitchen

Hello! It's been a hot minute. But with good reason...

Somewhat on a whim, Jake and I decided to stick a for sale by owner sign in our front yard to see what would happen. We had been house hunting casually for about 6 months at that point, and felt that we were ready to take the next step. 

Our house sold relatively fast, but not without a few bumps in the road. We had three separate buyers that we were under contract with fall through on us, the final one was shortly before our closing date. 

To complicate matters further, we had found a house that we loved, made an offer that was accepted and were under contract, but we couldn't close on the new house until we were able to close on our old house. The final buyer that fell through nearly resulted in us losing our new house. 

We knew that on the surface it was just a house. I tried to take a step back and gain some perspective... We already lived in a beautiful home that we were happy in. Maybe this wasn't the right time to move. But the truth was, deep down, we both felt that the house we had found was already ours. We had walked through it dozens of times, imagining how we would decorate every square inch. We pictured hosting holidays, gathering (read: drinking and dancing) in the kitchen with friends and starting a family there. It didn't feel like just another house to us. It felt like home.

I'll admit we let ourselves freak out the day that our last buyer fell through. I cried a lot. But, we picked ourselves up and hit the ground running the next day. We had a deadline from our builder of one week to sell our old house before we would lose our contract on our new house. We held 4 open houses back-to-back days (while I had strep throat -- fun times!) and sold our house FSBO with just 12 hours to spare. Thanks to our neighbors that referred an interested buyer to us just in the nick of time. 

We had back-to-back closings on our old house and new house and moved all in the same day. We couldn't have been more excited to get the keys and start this new chapter. We lucked out and had a great realtor that helped us with the purchase of our new home. If you know anyone in the Charlotte area that's looking to buy or sell, Steve is the man! 

Living in our new home is a constant gratitude reminder for me. We both feel completely grateful to live here. Many times when I pull up out front, I'm reminded of the night that our last buyer fell through when we drove here and parked outside (apparently I like torturing myself). We sat out front and said our peace, if this isn't meant to be, please help us move on.

This experience taught us that sometimes life doesn't make sense when you're in the midst of chaos -- but if you look hard enough there's usually a lesson to be learned. We realized more than ever, that we make a great team and even if things hadn't worked out, the support that we found in one another would have gotten us through. 

I originally started this blog to share the journey of making our old house into a home, so it's only fitting to check back in with an update of our new house. We've lived in our new home for about 2.5 months now, so I still have a million ideas of things that I'd like to add and tweak, but we're excited to call this place home. We hope to be here for 10-15 years, so we have plenty of time to make updates and work on projects. 

I'm planning to check in here more often to share glimpses of our life and home. Now more than ever, the name of this blog holds such meaning.

First, some before photos (sorry for the low quality, they were pulled from a real estate site):

Here's a quick glimpse of the front of our house. Stay tuned for photos of our porches in the spring/ summer. It's going to take us a while to furnish these bad boys -- we have 4 covered porches in total!

Below are some photos of the house now that we're moved in. Prepare for picture overload, since I haven't posted in oh, 10 months I figured a long photo-filled post was overdue.

Our biggest project to-date are these built-in shelves. We drew up the plans, had the wood cut, installed and painted them together. I'm happy with how they turned out, since there's not a ton of wall space in the living room, they give us an area to display family photos and a few of our favorite things. 

A bonus little peek through our pantry into the dining room - lots to do still in there:

Lastly, a quick mood board with a few ideas of some elements that I'd like to add to the kitchen in the near future. I also have a longterm plan, since we didn't get to choose our granite or backsplash, down the road I would like cream or jadeite subway tile for the backsplash and carrara marble or light quartz countertops.

It's lacking life and color in our kitchen right now so I am hoping to 1. Add some accessories over the cabinets. 2. Spray paint the e-a-t wall letters that I have a fun bright color and hang by the table. 3. Bring in a floor plant for the corner behind the kitchen table. 4. Remove a set of cabinet doors for an open shelving look to display some of my favorite kitchenware.  5. Add a bright colored eames style chair to the built-in desk area. I'm toying with the idea of painting the back wall of the built in desk area with the two square windows black chalkboard paint. Thoughts on this? I'm worried it might feel too dark but I love the idea of it further separating the desk area from the rest of the room, defining that space and adding functionality. Does this make your head hurt? Now you have a better idea of what the inside of my head looks like ;)

Really excited to have our first out-of-town overnight guests this weekend!

April 18, 2014

Three Years

We continued our annual anniversary picnic tradition this year, packed up the car and headed about an hour from our house to Morrow Mountain.

We ate and drank and laughed and hiked and ate (and ate some more!). We talked about all that we've faced as a couple in these past three years, and what our hopes are for this next year of marriage -- and beyond. 

I so value the time that our picnics give us to reflect and become more intentional about our marriage. Sometimes we get caught up in the busyness of life and forget to take a step back to really look at how we're doing as a couple.

A spring day in the woods with breathtaking views, delicious food, wonderful conversation and the man that I love -- who could ask for anything more?

April 16, 2014

The Little Things

(These beauties were in full bloom on our wedding day and always blossom on our anniversary.)

Each year on our wedding anniversary, I do my best to gather my thoughts well enough to express my love for my husband. It’s hard to gush about someone without coming across as braggy or less than genuine. I’d hate it if my words or photos left my female counterparts rolling their eyes at my latest attempt to paint a picture of a perfect life.

Know that for every photo that I post of a lovely looking meal there’s a not-so-appetizing greenish brown smoothie (yum!) or overcooked piece of salmon being served. For each adorable pet picture, there could just as easily be one of Cooper puking on the carpet (double yum!).

The same goes for our marriage. For every blog post proclaiming that my husband is the sweetest man alive, there’s an unwritten post about the times that we get on eachother’s nerves. I try my best to toe the line of acknowledging and celebrating the beautiful things, without denying the existence of the not-so-beautiful things.

Three years into marriage and I think we’re getting a better handle on not setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves (we still have miles to go). We don’t yet live in our dream home, one of our cars is the same one I cruised around in at 16,  our pets are kind of crazy, I can’t really guarantee that all of the rooms in our house will ever be clean at the same time. But we’re trying.

Three years is an in between kind of anniversary. Not a hallmark ten and not the romanticized first. Yet, I still want to shout my love for Jake from the rooftops (cue the rolling eyes).

But for real, I found a good one, you guys. He’s the kind of man that shows up for me every day. He remembers to put a dozen eggs in our cart at the store because we only have three left at home. He never fails to plan something special for my birthday and usually on a tight budget. He still reaches for my hand when we cross the street.

Do these things sound less than romantic? I’ll tell you, after fourteen years together and three years of marriage it’s the little things that make all of the difference.

April 14, 2014

The Beginings of a Garden + A Summer Salad

I've had the urge to start a garden for a few years now, but have always felt intimidated and nervous about the process. Mostly since I have no earthly idea what I am doing. Because of this, I chose to start small with our first garden. 

Jake and I assembled two small raised beds that will house herbs (sage, dill, lavender, rosemary, parsley and basil) as well as a few different varieties of tomatoes. I incorporated pots and planters around the garden with strawberries, mint (since in my gardening research I learned that this guy tends not to play well with others) and different greens (mixed lettuce, spinach and arugula).

I used paint stirrers from the hardware store and leftover chalkboard and white acrylic paint to make free plant markers. I saw this idea floating around a year or so ago so I can't take credit for its genius.

What's been really cool about this process is that I've discovered how much I enjoy being in the garden. I love to play in the dirt, talk to my plants (this doesn't even make the top ten list of the most embarrassing things that I do on a daily basis), care for them and watch them slowly grow -- a lesson in patience. 

Cafe lights have been on my dream backyard wish list since we moved in over four years ago, but I was unsure about how to hang them since we don't have a pergola or structure to drape them from. Lucky for me, I found this tutorial on how to use PVC, electrical conduit and pipe straps to make poles that the lights could hang from. We purchased the clear cafe lights at Target in their outdoor section. I really love the warm glow that they give off at night. If you have the space, I highly recommend taking on this simple and inexpensive project!

Some warm weather salad inspiration: 
Arugula, grilled pineapple, blueberries, feta and raspberry vinaigrette

Really looking forward to incorporating some of the produce that we grow into our salads this summer!

April 4, 2014

Addie Turns Five

I'm behind on blogging and life in general right now, but wanted to pop in while it's still technically Addie's birthday week to show her some love on the blog.

How in the world is Adelaide five? Cliche as cliche can be -- but wow, time flies! I never quite noticed just how fast it really goes until there were little ones in our family.

Addie is at such a fun age right now. The things that come out of her mouth these days are all kinds of hilarious.

Jake, Addie's grandpa and I took her to Chuck E. Cheese the other night for her birthday. A few of my favorite quotes/ moments from the evening:

+ "Aunt B, would you please buy me some hand sanitizer? I need it for when I have my own little family. I want to keep my children very clean."

+ Hears that the Chuck E. Cheese mascot is walking around, "Eww I don't want to see that little rat!" (hides under table).

+ "I really want a unicorn!" Don't we all, Addie, don't we all.

March 25, 2014


You may have noticed the new blog design and with it a “health” section. I’ve been working on defining how healthy living looks within my daily life and I’m hoping to share more on that here.

Over the past several years, I’ve based most of my food choices on convenience and comfort. I had a minor health scare in October 2013 and have been working ever since to be more intentional about the lifestyle choices that I make.

Some of the changes I’ve implemented include:

+ Eating a more plant-based diet. When I do eat meat I try to keep it organic and local. I don’t always eat this way when I am outside of the home or with friends on weekends. Did I drink wine and eat cake for my birthday this weekend? You betcha. My new mantra (via a motivational friend) is, progress not perfection. sayitwithmenow.

+ Moving more via walks with the dogs, work outs with Jake and yoga on my lunch breaks. Also, my parents surprised me with a gorgeous bike for my birthday that I plan on putting to good use!

+ Drinking lots of H2O. Water with lemon, water with fresh mint and fruit, water with a splash of green tea. Water, water, water all day every day!

+ Using less toxic chemicals. I’ve traded out my makeup, personal care and home cleaning products for non-toxic alternatives. Stay tuned for a post on my favorite products!

These changes haven’t all taken place at once and some have been easier than others. I plan on writing more health related posts and will be transparent about what works for me. I hope that you’ll join me on this journey!

March 17, 2014

Cheese State Visit

This past week, we traveled up to Wisconsin to spend some time with my husband's side of our family and to meet our new nephew, August. He's such a beautiful baby and I loved spending time with him. Our niece, Madelynn, is getting so big and can already sing her ABCs.

We packed a lot in to a 5 day visit and got to see over 40 members of the family!

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