October 5, 2011

Puppy Love

I have been a bad bad blogger. But, I promise for good reason! I was traveling from Wed- Sun... Then, on Sunday night we got the most amazing news. Our beautiful baby niece was born, Madelynn Dawn Koneman. I am going to write a separate post all about this little one once I talk with her mommy today. I need as many details as possible. It kills me that we can't hold her or meet her in person until Thanksgiving. I don't plan on putting her down the entire week that we are in Wisconsin. She is absolutely perfect.

All of the photos of our sweet niece Madelynn have been making me crave a little one - and, since we are not quite ready for human babies ;) I have been pushing Jake towards a puppy.

Jake and I well, I have been wanting a puppy for such a long time. I even made up a taunting song that I would sing to Jake on occasion (who wants a wittle puppy dog, I do I do)... I know - shameless. Finally, by chance, we found our little baby puppy yesterday and brought her home last night. She is just the sweetest. So calm, always wants to be held and gives lots of kisses (is this post making you throw up in your mouth yet?).

Here's the thing, we need your help! We cannot decide on a name. First she was Violet, then she was Vivian ("Vivi") and now I threw Harper and Eloise ("Ellie"/ "LouLou") into the mix. This poor little puppy is confused. Will you help us name her? My fav at the moment is Harper - it seems to really suit her.

I am open for any suggestions that you might have. So please, help a girl out! Leave your favorite name in the comments.

Thanks for your help!


  1. Congrats Aunt Brhea, what a lucky little gal to be born into such an amazing family!!

    As for the pup--she is adorable! I am leaning towards Eloise or Harper, both are great names but Eloise lends itself more to nicknames. Good luck in your name search!

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