October 19, 2011

Very Important Visitor

One of my closest friends, Kristen (pictured below to my left), is coming to visit today through the weekend! Kristen was a bridesmaid in our wedding and is one of my favorite people.

I went to the University of South Carolina with Kristen for our Freshman and half of our Sophomore year. We were often referred to as, Yankee girls (yes, people still say Yankee down here). We both transferred schools during the winter of our Sophomore year- her to University of Pittsburgh and me to Loyola Chicago. Due to our strong Yankee bond, our friendship has stood the test of time.

Kristen is the kind of friend everyone should have. She has such a positive energy and is a guaranteed good time. She is super adventurous, she lifeguards in the Outer Banks, NC during the summer and lived in New Zealand last winter!

I love having visitors- especially, since we live far away from most of our friends and a lot of our family. During Kristen's visit, we plan to go to the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is a little past peak leaf peeping, but we hope to take some great pictures and soak up all of the fall colors.

We are going to do lots of cooking and crafting during Kristen's visit. I am making a mushroom risotto today (expect the recipe soon). Weather permitting, I am hoping that we can make pizzas on the grill together. Regardless of the weather, we will surely consume a few glasses of wine.

Most of all, I am excited to catch up with my sweet friend and have some quality girl time- something that I have been really missing since our move to Charlotte.


  1. I wish I could tele-port down there for the weekend! I miss both of you beautiful ladies! Have lots of fun and have a glass of wine for me ;)

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