November 9, 2011

Fall in the South

Have you heard the nasty little rumor that the southern states do not have four seasons? In particular, that there isn't an autumn? I would like to dispel this myth with some of my favorite seasonal photos taken right here in North Carolina.

The first four photos were taken on a day trip to Raffaldini Vineyards when my friend Kristen came to visit. I had to include a snapshot from our epic picnic... We brought stuffed grape leaves, spicy Italian peppers, apples and sharp cheddar (great combo) but probably the most delicious of all - crusty bread spread with brie cheese and topped with prosciutto. Wash it down with a glass of Vermentino, perfecto!

The last three photos were taken in my parent's neighborhood which is on Mountain Island Lake here in Charlotte, N.C.

I hope this clears things up! We love fall down here in Dixieland.


  1. Love it!
    and can't wait til our next winery trip :)

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