March 25, 2012

Best of Instagram Week 6

I am linking up with Jenni, from Story of My Life, again this week. Below are some of my favorite snapshots captured with my phone from this week.

1.) Hunger Games (clearly, the book is better than the movie - but Jennifer Lawrence gives a stellar performance and Gale is better on screen than my mind could have ever hoped to conjure up) 2.) Cherry-lime margarita made by yours truly 3.) A break in the storm 4.) I turned 25 (ouch) 5.) This is what Penelope and I look like after a long week (lucky Jake) 6.) Addie is ready for Easter 7.) Springtime in the South 8.) Squeezing my little Pizza Dough Girl, Madelynn 9.) 4 carts later at Homegoods with my sister-in-law shopping for her new casa.

Wishing that your weekend is all that you hoped for!


  1. I'm jealous that you saw Hunger Games. My husband loved the books as well, but hates crowds so I have to wait a bit "until the crowds die down." Lame.

  2. Happy belated birthday! I love all the pics. The margarita looks sooooooooo refreshing!

  3. Love Hunger Games! Reading Book #2...AGAIN!

    Happy 25!!

  4. Hope you had an awesome 25th Birthday!!!!

  5. "Ouch" is exactly what I thought when I turned 25. I have a feeling 26 is going to be "double ouch" but we shall see!


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