March 6, 2012

Dear Adelaide

I love to watch you play.

 You are a leader on the playground, all of the little girls want to kick their heels up with you. You have been known to scold a boy or two. Especially, when you think he is playing too rough. Amazingly, they respect your authority.

You are so smart. I can see your mind going a thousand miles a minute through your expressive eyes.

You have an impeccable sense of fashion. In fact, you begged me to put lipstick on you and to let you wear your crown from burger king to play.

You tend to scare easily these days, but you are very brave and push yourself more and more. 

You surprise yourself (and me too) with all of the big girl things that you are able to do now. Stay 2-years-old just a little bit longer... Will you?


  1. This is really sweet. She will love reading this when she is older.

  2. You're not going to believe this - my oldest niece is also named Adelaide! What a small world :)


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