March 9, 2012


Notice anything new? Heather, from Life Made Lovely worked her magic!

Lately, I've been thinking about writing with more intention. 
About putting words out there that I can look back on and remember exactly how I felt in a specific moment.

It is a struggle for me to be vulnerable and to share my truth. 
I must admit, I can be rendered paralyzed by the fear of what others think.
It seems impossible to live an earnest and creative life, while seeking approval from others.

I have drawn inspiration from some of the incredible blogger's words that I have read lately.
I want to start honoring where I am, at this juncture in time.

To embrace and celebrate the now, if you will.

And so I pose these questions to you, bloggers and writers: Do you find it difficult to express yourself in written words? How have you overcome your fear of being wrong?


  1. Hmmmm...expressing myself in written words is generally much easier for me than speaking face-to-face with someone. That being said, I *do* struggle with the temptation--always--to censor myself. I think everybody does.

    I'm constantly deleting things on Twitter and on Ring Them Bells, wondering if what I put out on those spaces is amounting to drivel (maybe it is). But I think the best you can do, really, is to write what compells you. When you're indulging your own obsessions and writing with some passion and authority then people will absolutely pick up on that. I try to remind myself of something my husband tells me when I'm down in the dumps about writing: There is always an audience. And that's true.

    I never question whether I'm wrong, but I do wonder often if I am the most boring person on earth. I think every writer has her insecurities, so at least you can find comfort in that company :)

    Good luck, Brhea! And the new design is very cute.

  2. Girl, DO IT! It's not even a matter of being "wrong". The worst that can happen is that someone will decide she's not that into you. :) At the end of the day, there will be so many more who want to buy you a ring and marry you!

    OK, my analogy might be a bit off the rails...

    I sometimes feel that twinge of fear that there will be backlash (I usually know when it's coming) and unkind comments DO hurt. But the positives always so far outweigh the negatives and it's fun and freeing to be truly me.

    Jump, sister!

  3. The new blog design looks amazing!!! Keep writing Brhea... I love reading your blog :) xoxo

  4. ohh, heatherchild. your blog is beeeutiful :) thanks for stopping by my blog & saying hello. you're so sweet! xo

  5. Personally it is so hard for me to put myself out there in written word sometimes. You never know who is lurking... You never know what difference in opinion someone might have and be negative towards you about it. I'm on this journey too. I want to write more and have a blog I look back on and think man that was a great post! So don't think you're alone. Pretty sure most bloggers go through this. :)

  6. Oh and I meant to tell you I'm in LOVE with your blog design!

  7. Just found your blog! I'm a fellow North Carolinian and new follower! I love the blogs where the author writes from the heart, even though I know it's tough to do sometimes. I know I have felt immediately connected with a fellow blogger after reading a post that I share a similar opinion or experience with. This blogging world is pretty cool. Love your blog, hope you keep sharing!

  8. I keep meaning to comment on this post, friend! I love you for sharing your heart and your goals, and fears too! One of the things I love most about blogging is what it forces me to be: authentic, vulnerable, real & intentional. Life isn't always what we've hoped and wished for, but I think it's important to share that too. You never know who is reading your words, whether they are commenting or emailing you or not. Whether you have 10 followers or 10,000. Whether you ever hear who was impacted by what you chose to share - you can bet that someone was. And that makes it worth it. Connecting our stories with other women who's hearts are in the same place that we are.

    I never worry too much about what people think of me & my words. I try to be respectful of all different opinions when writing and sharing but truth be told - when I am sharing my heart it is me being honest and open about ME and my life and what works best for me, not for everyone else. And I think that some people will relate and others won't…and that's OKAY :)

    also - one time I read that, when writing, write like you are writing to one person. like you are writing to a friend. and I love that.

    have a happy day!

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