March 12, 2012

A Man & His Dog

Jake and Penny. Penny and Jake. These two are inseparable. In all honesty, I don't feel like the third wheel... I feel incredibly lucky to witness their special bond.

Penelope gets a happy little dance going when Jake walks into the room. I can see the stress of Jake's day melt away when Penny jumps on him and gives him kisses (read: licks his face off).

For a man who hates to shop, Jake could browse the puppy aisle for hours. I would consider Jake to be frugal, but when it comes to Penny, only the best will do. 

I couldn't help but smile when I noticed - propped on top of Jake's stash of Sports Illustrated, a copy of Dog World Magazine.

My sweet guy sure knows how to treat a lady.


  1. That's the sweetest. Gotta love a guy who loves animals. The picture is so cute. Love the puppy kisses!
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. :) Hope you come back!

  2. How sweet!! I love watching my husband play with our dog too.

  3. Aww. How sweet!! The way a man treats animals says a lot about him, in my opinion. Looks like you found a good one. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm adding you to my google reader subscriptions as well.

  4. The puppy isle?! Aww he is going to be the best Daddy ever!! Thank you for stopping by my blog and allowing me to discover yours. I am in love with your home décor.. can you tell im already stocking your blog?! lol

  5. That is so sweet! A man and a dog have this incredibly bond that I think is one of the most precious things in the world. He will be such a great dad.

  6. Hey there!
    Thanks for the comment and for following!

    Lovely blog, I just followed you back! The photos are amazing!!

  7. what and adorable blog! I love everything about it- the header, the pictures and your cute posts. I love your braided bun below- You've inspired me to try it! xo

  8. There is nothing like a man and his dog. That is too sweet!

  9. Aw, this is just the sweetest. Mean and their pets, in general, are pretty darn cute. Even with our guinea pig, I catch the boyfriend talking to her, making up songs about her, buying her treats at the pet store. He even refers to himself as her "papa"!!


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