March 21, 2012

Quarter Century

Today is my twenty-fifth birthday. To commemorate the occasion, I'd like to share some unsolicited advice that I have gathered in my quarter century on earth. This is not to say that I have mastered the tips below, but rather that I have recognized the truth in each word. Give me another twenty-five years and maybe I will be able to follow my own advice.

As adults, we choose happiness. Oftentimes, the happiest people are the ones that have been dealt the toughest hand. This is not a coincidence, but a conscious choice. No matter what happens today, I choose to be happy. One of my favorite reminders of this is a quote that reads, "Please take responsibility for the energy that you bring into this space." Regardless of how others may have treated you, you alone control your reaction and behavior.
 (if you know the original source of the above quote please let me know.)

Living in the moment is the only way to reach true contentment. When our minds are always thinking about where we have to be next - or stuck mulling over the past, we miss out on the right now. I especially try to focus on this when I am with my family and close friends. Be here now. 

It is worth it to slow down and take the time to really see others. Every person wants to feel validated. You can be the person that does this for someone else.

We teach people how to treat us. As adults, we have the power to remove people from our lives that do not value us as individuals. If you are in an unhealthy relationship (romantic or otherwise), or can see behavior starting to form that is not okay with you, take a step back and reevaluate the relationship. If it can be repaired, then seek change. If it can't, walk away.

Nurture relationships that are important to you. As much as it is important to walk away from unhealthy relationships, it is equally important to Invest in family and friends that are supportive. Sometimes this might feel like an inconvenience, but I have come to realize that we can make time when we really want to.

Give back. All that it takes is thinking of others to distract us from our own struggles.

Be kind to yourself. Sometimes I will beat myself up to no end over something trivial. Then, I ask myself if I would be this hard on someone else. Give yourself the same amount of slack that you would allow others.

In addition to being kind to yourself, take time to do what you enjoy and what makes you happy. If you don't make time for yourself, no one will make it for you. The laundry can (and will) wait until tomorrow. Furthermore, sometimes this means saying, "No" and setting boundaries.

Do you have any advice to share that you have found to be invaluable?

I look forward to starting my twenty-sixth year on earth with you.


  1. What wonderful life rules! I'm totally in agreement with you on all of them. Like you, I do struggle from time to time practicing what I preach. I guess it comes with time & experience.

    Happy Happy Happy 25th Birthday
    Hope you have an AMAZING Day :)


  3. Beautifully put. Happy Birthday lovely! You deserve a wonderful day! :)

  4. Happy Birthday Brhea!!!

    I always say when you think you've got it all figured out that's when you have the most learning to do. This is going to be a great year :)

  5. All excellent reminders! Happy Birthday, Brhea!

  6. This is so perfect! I am turning 24 next month and am so guilty of most of these things (especially beating myself up over silly little things!). Thanks for the reminder and enjoy your birthday!!

  7. Happy Belated birthday! I'm a March baby too. : ) And yes yes yes to choosing happiness. I totally agree.

  8. love these!! hope your bday was fabulous.

  9. Happy birthday!! I am in love with the cupcake picture too :) I am so excited to be following you too! I can't wait to read more :)

  10. So much good advice right here. Now just to learn to really apply all of these things! And Happy {Belated} Birthday to You!!

  11. Happy birthday late :) I hope it was an awesome one.

    I think the best piece of advice I've taken to heart over the years ... allll 23 of them haha ... is kind of similar to what you're saying.

    "Learn to content, whatever your situation." It sounds super simple, but simple does NOT mean easy :)


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