May 14, 2012

The Tallest Tree


This past week, I drove up the east coast with my parents to Syracuse, N.Y. to visit my grandma as she underwent chemotherapy. 

Our trip was peppered with reminders of how much our family has changed in recent years. Some of our most sharp and quick-witted family members moved at a slower pace. Loved ones that once were at the top of our list to visit, were no longer there. It seemed at every turn, was a reminder to not take my youth, health or life for granted.

My parents both grew up in Syracuse, but my family moved away when I was nine - so, most of my memories there are from my early childhood. After visiting my grandpa in the nursing home, my mom took me for a drive past the house that we lived in when I was born.

My mom seemed taken aback when she saw the large plum tree that engrossed the entire front of my parent's first home together, "I just remembered - we planted that tree when you were born. Dad and I both talked about bringing you back here someday to see how much it had grown".

This trip was a clear example for me of the brevity of life and the mark that time leaves on each of us as we age. Yet, I found comfort there, staring up at that sprawling plum tree...  Even during the toughest times (perhaps, especially during hardships) there is always opportunity for growth.


  1. Life is definitely always changing. There is happy & sad. Your right, not a second of it should be taken for granted.

  2. Small world - I was born in Syracuse.

  3. I hope Gram is keeping well. How cool is it that you had that tree to go visit. My dad planted trees for each of the grandkids. Maysen's is just about as tall as she is now.

  4. What a beautiful story. A plum tree sounds like the perfect expression of celebrating your life. How wonderful that it is still there, growing strong.

  5. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower via email :-)

  6. Hope your grandmother is okay. Lots of love.

  7. What a great reminder. Such a beautiful post! ... So sweet that your parents planted that when you were born... and how awesome to see it as it stands today. Loved this!

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