July 31, 2012

Michael, Brittany & Addie Family Session

On Sunday I was able to photograph my sister, brother-in-law and niece for a fun family shoot. Aren't they quite the good looking family?

My husband and mother were there as assistants aka they kept Addie occupied while I was photographing her parents. I might need to share a few behind-the-scenes photos this week of "Uncle Jake" wearing a feather boa and hiding behind trees.

July 30, 2012

Photography Filled Weekend

This weekend was jam packed with photography. I had two shoots; the rest of Sage & Philip's maternity shoot as well as a family shoot with my sister, brother-in-law and niece, Addie.

If you read this post, you may remember that Sage and Philip's maternity shoot was cut short due to rain. Well, we resumed things this weekend - and I am so glad that we did! Below are some of my favorites from part II of their shoot.

July 23, 2012

Aqua Mason Jar Loving Surprise Spoiler

My sister-in-law, Sarah's birthday is just around the corner. Since her and I share a love for aqua mason jars, I wanted to incorporate them into her gift somehow. I was thinking of getting crafty and perhaps making hanging mason jar lanterns. Then it struck me - she has a new home with plenty of wall space to fill up, why not snap, print and frame some photos for her?

Now you might be wondering why I am posting these images on my blog before she actually receives her gift. Well, truth be told I am the worst about things like this. I already showed the photos to Sarah to get her approval on which ones to print and frame. Also, I have a tendency to do this sort of thing. my sister, Brittany, and I almost always tell each other in advance what we got one another for Christmas/Birthdays etc. It's okay, you can call me a surprise spoiler, I accept it.

I was able to keep one surprise from you all, though. I have included the links to the jpgs of these photos below. Call it a reader appreciation gift! All that you have to do is follow the links, download the images and send them away to where you normally have your photos printed.

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3

July 19, 2012

Bathing Beauties

In an effort to lighten things up around here, let me present you with my favorite song of the summer and some pics of my adorable cousins, Adriana and Ava (and Justin too!).

These girls love the water and totally brought me back to the summer days when my parents would have to beg me to get out of the pool. There's nothing quite like the mark that summer vacation leaves on a kid's face - pure joy.


During our trip to say our goodbyes to my grandpa, Jake and I took an evening drive to a gorgeous field of sunflowers that went on as far as the eye could see.

Everywhere that we went, there were little signs that we believe were sent from my grandpa. I felt very connected to him standing in that field. Without going into too many details, he had suffered a long illness, so his death was accompanied by a sense of peace. We can't help put feel relief for him, knowing that he is free.

We witnessed something sacred when the sun set over that field, casting a warm yellow glow. It was as if my inner-most feelings and memories of my grandpa were being displayed before our eyes.

Some back story: My grandpa had a somewhat strange, yet funny love for Leann Rimes. When her first single came out he asked for the CD and would play "Blue" for anyone that would listen. He couldn't get over the fact that she was 14 and only a little bit older than his granddaughters. 

When we pulled onto the road to drive away, sunflower field in the rear-view mirror, I turned up the radio to hear "Blue" coming from the speakers. I wouldn't believe that it had actually happened, if I didn't have Jake sitting next to me with his mouth hanging open, since I had just told him that morning about how my grandpa loved to play that song.

July 15, 2012

Sage & Philip Maternity Photos

This weekend I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Sage & Philip, as they await the birth of their son, Philip Jr. "P.J.". They are such a sweet couple, and their excitement surrounding becoming parents was a joy to be around. Some of my favorite shots from the day are below.

And then in the middle of our shoot this bad boy rolled in... 30% chance of rain pshh.

We will pick up where we left off next weekend, so more to come!


  Last night my maternal grandfather, "Poppa" died.
A sense of calm and relief accompanied the tough news. This man had known more suffering than anyone should.

As I woke on this quiet Sunday, I remembered some of my favorite Sunday mornings on record. My grandpa would come by early in the morning, carrying a white box tied with string. In it were pastries from our favorite local Italian bakery. He would sit at the head of our table with a newspaper, that kind man of few words.

I choose to focus my energy on remembering my grandpa as he was at his best. The man who would hoist me up over his head with little effort. The guy's guy that loved beer from a can, smoking an occasional cigar and grilling out on his deck (while donning an apron). He was at his happiest on the golf course.

There is something beautiful in a life that is complete. My grandpa is no longer a prisoner of his own body. He is now a free man, and able to be remembered as he was at his best. 

My sister, Brittany (Left), Poppa and I (Right) I told him I was "The Hair Fairy"

July 4, 2012

Independence Day

Our 4th this year was low key - full of wonderful company, great food and live entertainment provided by Addie.

My mom cooked for roughly 30 people, there were 9 of us... We were full. Some food highlights included homegrown tomatoes from my sister's garden and a spicy roasted corn, shrimp and avocado ceviche type concoction that I whipped up. Oh yeah, and my Mom's blueberry cobbler, I could slap someone just thinking about it.

Addie and Jake made candy necklaces for all of us ladies. So thoughtful, they are.

After all of the stickiness involved in our festivities a bath was a must for Addie. I've totally embraced my role as the creepy aunt behind the camera, btw.

When Jake and I got home there was quite the fireworks display viewable from our backyard. I set the tripod up and experimented with "writing" with sparklers.

A perfectly relaxed and stress free day in honor of lady liberty :)

July 2, 2012

Light Up the Sky

While I'm still editing away, I thought I would share some more images from last week's wedding*. I absolutely loved these lanterns, they really added to the whimsical feel of the evening. Now I just have to think of an event that I can borrow this idea for.

*Shot with Michael Newton Photography (see below post for more details)

July 1, 2012

Jade & Jason

I've had the wonderful opportunity to focus more on photography lately. Michael Newton, of Michael Newton Photography, has asked me to photograph with him as a second shooter. Check out his website by clicking here, he is seriously talented and a real joy to learn from and work with.

Below is a taste of what I shot and edited for Jade & Jason's wedding (a wedding that Michael brought me on as a second shooter for). I will be sure to share an update with a link to some of Michael's photos from Jade & Jason's wedding once they are completed.

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