July 19, 2012


During our trip to say our goodbyes to my grandpa, Jake and I took an evening drive to a gorgeous field of sunflowers that went on as far as the eye could see.

Everywhere that we went, there were little signs that we believe were sent from my grandpa. I felt very connected to him standing in that field. Without going into too many details, he had suffered a long illness, so his death was accompanied by a sense of peace. We can't help put feel relief for him, knowing that he is free.

We witnessed something sacred when the sun set over that field, casting a warm yellow glow. It was as if my inner-most feelings and memories of my grandpa were being displayed before our eyes.

Some back story: My grandpa had a somewhat strange, yet funny love for Leann Rimes. When her first single came out he asked for the CD and would play "Blue" for anyone that would listen. He couldn't get over the fact that she was 14 and only a little bit older than his granddaughters. 

When we pulled onto the road to drive away, sunflower field in the rear-view mirror, I turned up the radio to hear "Blue" coming from the speakers. I wouldn't believe that it had actually happened, if I didn't have Jake sitting next to me with his mouth hanging open, since I had just told him that morning about how my grandpa loved to play that song.


  1. I completely understand about your grandfather--I was the same way when mine passed last March. So sad to know he is gone, but to thankful that he is finally at peace and no longer suffering.

    I love you and am thinking of you!!!

    (P. S. I am sure your grandfather and I would have been fast friends--I too used to be obsessed with Blue. I remember when it came out thinking it was SO beautiful and being unable wrap my head around the fact that LeAnn was PRACTICALLY my age!?!?!)

  2. Crazy that the song was on the radio! Your photos are so pretty, I have never seen a field that big of sunflowers before.

  3. God works in mysterious ways. I think it was definitely a sign from your Grandpa. What a beautiful place to remember so many great memories, I know he was smiling down on you. Love you lots xoxo

    P.S. I love that song!

  4. wow those pictures are breath taking!! So peaceful!!

  5. You are so blessed...it's obvious his goodness lives on in your Mom and her two beautiful daughters...and it will continue in Addie and your children...God's peace to all

  6. A sunflower is a beautiful sign from your grandfather.

  7. What a beautiful post...and pictures. I'm so sorry for your loss.

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