August 25, 2012

Sunday Dinner

Last Sunday my parent's hosted a wonderful Sunday dinner filled with lots of laughter and quality time. In true Sandy fashion, my mom cooked for 2 days to prepare for the occasion.

I'll let the pictures do the talking, but I have to explain that my mom's braised beef short ribs over homemade polenta topped with a port wine and mushroom reduction are last meal on earth worthy. My brother-in-law described them as coming from the inside of an asteroid sent from god, whatever that means.

A big thank you to the woman that holds us all together, we love you, Mama!

*I just realized that my sister and I are not in any of these photos, we were probably too busy feasting!


  1. Thanks for letting me visit through pictures...I've enjoyed "Martha's" talents many times...and the one ingredient included in all recipes is LOVE!

  2. I'm having short ribs and polenta this week - but not in the same meal.

  3. Where is the recipe for those short ribs?! Those look killer! Great blog, love!

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