September 19, 2012

Bonus Room In Progress

I've been working on decorating our upstairs T.V. room, or bonus room, as we call them down south. This room is pretty much where everything that didn't fit in any of our other rooms has gone to live. I've made an effort lately to edit out some of the junk.

Last week we got a new couch, which motivated me to get a move on with finishing this room. In a better effort to share just how strange I truly am, it's only fair that I disclose that I named our couch Sophia Lauren. I call her Sophie sometimes, for real.

Rather than my usual before and after posts, I thought it might be cool to give a sneak peek of the room "in progress" and share a list of what I would like to eventually do. Once everything is finished I will share the before pics (which are quite grotesque) and the afters (with Sophia Lauren in all of her glory - girlfriend loves herself some pillows).

(For all of you creepers, that is Flipping Out on the T.V. - I love Bravo like no other.)

Bonus room to do list:

1.) New ceiling light fixture.

2.) Finish the wall design. I started painting the trellis pattern and then gave up on it. At first, I wanted to do the entire back wall -- but now I am thinking of just adding 2 more columns that would line up with the space behind the mirror. What do you think I should do? Oh, and if you suggest painting the entire wall, then you might need to grab a paintbrush and help a sister out.

3.) Add a word art canvas to the left wall behind Sophie. I have an old piece of art that I can paint over, which would keep cost down. I think what we have up now is too small in scale for the wall.

4.) Get a bar/ credenza for the wall where the guitar is. We want to have a place for storage and snacks/beverages. I was thinking that a tall, long and not too deep piece might fill the space nicely. I'd love to find an antique if we can.

5.) Area rug. I saw one at Ikea for $19.99 that I'm a big fan of, can't beat those Swedes' prices!

6.) Find a few cozy matching throws to keep Sophia Lauren warm in these cold winter months. Okay, I'll stop now.

Any suggestions? I'm all ears.


  1. I love the stencil! Did you make the pattern for it?m
    Btw-the blog design is great!

  2. It's looking great!
    We only call them bonus rooms in Oregon if they are above the garage. Is it the same there?

  3. This room looks so comfy! Looking forward to seeing your final product. I'm not surprised one bit that your couch has such a lovely name ;)

  4. I like Sophia! I never thought of naming my sofa, but I might just have to :) the room looks beautiful! Good job

  5. haha! Love the name! Sophia Lauren is one of my fave beautiful! I think 2 more columns on that trellis pattern would do the trick.
    Throws would definitely make Sophia look all the more cozy...and an antique would be great for that snack space.
    Your ideas are awesome!
    Looks quite cozy already!

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