September 16, 2012

Wisconsin Comes to North Carolina

We had a wonderful visit with our family that was in town from Wisconsin last week. Some of the highlights included:

Celebrating our niece, Madelynn's first birthday a little early, getting our two niece's together in the same spot (a first!), the guys squeezing in two rounds of 18 holes, North Carolina BBQ at our favorite Charlotte spot (Madelynn was the hit of the joint), evening bonfires accompanied by hard cider and s'mores...


... a night out at a fancy French restaurant while my mom babysat miss Madelynn, capping off each night with trashy telivision (Teen Mom, The Kardashians and The Real Housewives of N.J.) and perhaps my favorite day of all, a picnic at a vineyard on a small island in the middle of a pond under a weeping willow tree.

Photo overload begins now:

(Addie and Maddie's first time meeting. When Addie walked in she said to Jenna, "Excuse me, Madelynn's mom, can you let her walk?")
(My mom made a bunch of the food for Madelynn's birthday party. We all thought it was pretty hilarious that she made 5 dozen meatballs and two trays of baked ziti for 7 adults. Let's just say we had a lot leftover.)
 (The mayor of Midwood Smokehouse, or Charlotte for that matter)
(Drinks to accompany our bonfire.)
(Passed out after a day at the winery)

We loved spending quality time with far-away family and are so happy that they made the trip down south! And yes, I thought about running away with Madelynn, but somehow I was able to hold myself back.

I can't wait to get together again at Christmas!


  1. A fellow NC-er! Whoop! (:
    Looks like a lovely time! Such nice pictures you got!!!

  2. Madelynn must be right around the exact age of my guy!


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