November 28, 2012

Time to Readjust

I started my day off in a less than ideal fashion. I was tired from a disagreement that Jake and I had last night. We stayed up late talking and I went to bed feeling pretty drained.

I chose to wake up earlier than normal to get a jump on the day ahead. I gave myself plenty of time to get ready and to take a nice long shower. By the time I headed out the door I was feeling in control.

That is, until I got on the highway and sat in stand-still traffic, which resulted in my lateness to work. The elevator was broken in my parking garage (laaaate). Lunchtime rolled around and I realized I had left my lunch in the car (I park a few blocks away from my office).

At this point I started feeling sorry for myself. Tell me you know the feeling. "Today sucks" is what I told my sorry little self. It was noon and I was already resigned to the fact that the entire day was shot. I've heard the old adage about not letting yesterday take up too much of today -- but what about letting a few insignificant events in the morning determine your outlook for the rest of the day.

I wanted so badly for the day to be different, and that's kind of where it clicked. The day can be different. A lot of stuff is totally out of our control, but the way that we react to those happenings is actually a choice that we are given.
We do have a say.

My brain tends to laser focus on the negative. Thinking positively and handling conflict in a healthy way is something that I have to continuously work on, it does not come natural to me. But, there is hope for me yet. You see, I married a very patient and understanding man - and I consciously work on my attitude. It's all about readjusting. It's knowing that even if you just snapped at someone you love, or overreacted to something small, you still have a choice to move forward with a fresh attitude. The day, or project, or trip, or night out doesn't have to be wasted on negativity.

One of the many reasons I love having a blog, I get to preach and blabber on about things that I really need to learn how to do myself. Thanks for letting me vent.

Do you have any methods for turning that frown upside down?


  1. I too tend to be laser focused on the negative, and have been working to think more positively. What I can tell you is, yes it works and a lot of the time you feel good and everyone around you is all happy about your change; but sometimes you have to let yourself be in a horrific mood, tell the people you love that today, or tonight, or even a couple hours you are just going to be in a bad place and let you be there because if you are anything like me, you'll actually drive yourself more insane trying to make yourself be positive all the time than just saying hey Im more of a negative nancy, I'm going to give myself x amount of time to wallow in it and then i'll go treat myself to something. I have found that if i say ok im just going to be in a bad place I end up getting over it quicker than when I slap on a smile and try to buck up.

  2. I'm awful at calling a day "a wash." I just start planning for tomorrow.


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