January 31, 2013

Notice Anything New?

No Place Lyke Home got a major face lift. I'm so excited about the new blog design! My very talented friend, Danielle, designed it. She's a momma-extraordinaire, real deal blogger and design guru all wrapped into one.

If you're looking to pretty up your blog or have a site designed for your business look no further - Danielle of Take Heart Designs is your girl. She's offering 15% off of custom designs through Friday!

Oh, and I stole this photo of her from her Facebook. Ain't she purrrty?


  1. Very pretty :) I especially love the header and the font!

  2. Love blog facelifts! This one is beautiful.

  3. It was so good of you to stop by! Your blog is lovely. YOU are lovely. I've been looking around for someone to design a professional website for my business (non-blogging). Does Danielle do professional homepages?

  4. It's gorgeous! I just got a blog facelift too :) I can't stop looking at it!

  5. Love the design! So clean and pretty and fresh! It's gorgeous!


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