February 20, 2013

All Things Good

Standing over the stove cooking dinner in my PJs with unwashed hair.
Our crazy pup is flying through the house like a bat out of hell (que the intermittent leg humps).
 A rather large stack of bills is piled on the kitchen table.
I've got my mind on my $$$ and my $$$ on my mind. I feel you, Snoop.

Amidst the chaos -- two loving, forgiving arms attached to the sweetest man I know wrap around me.

"I love when you cook for me. My happiness level is a 14 out of 10 right now, Babe." 
I married a constant reminder of all things good.

The noise quiets, and I realize that worry-ville can wait.
Right now deserves my full attention and best self. 

Dinner never tasted so good.


  1. this. wow. this is beautiful! so glad you found my blog, because I just found your and am SO happy:) LOVE!

  2. hi brhea! thanks for stopping by girl! i just looked at some of your "nest" photos and they are amazing. im especially loving the cafe corner... im dying to do one of those in our place someday!! we dont have the space for it yet, but one day :) thanks for sharing!!

  3. Nothing sweeter than love ;]. Especially the kind that you two share. Thanks for sharing! ;]


  4. Yep, so true which is why I love traveling bc that never goes to the charity shop!!


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