March 22, 2013

Seize the Weekend Vol. 6

Seize the Weekend is a weekly feature on No Place Lyke Home. I've scoured the Internet in search of five crafts/recipes/projects that are easy to tackle in a weekend. My hope is to inspire others (and myself) to roll up our sleeves and get creative!

1. Make these lemon ricotta pancakes from Sugar & Charm. Something about spring makes me crave tart and fresh flavors.

2. Try out a few dos from A Beautiful Mess' 20 Hair Tutorials We Love post. There are some great looks for warmer weather. It must be on it's way soon, right?

3. Throw an egg decorating party to get ready for Easter. The always inspiring Design Sponge shares an inside look at their party including some unusual egg designs.

4. Learn something new in the kitchen. If there's a certain area of cooking that you would like to improve on, head over to Martha Stewart's Cooking 101. It's filled with tons of short, easy to follow videos on how to do everything from chiffonade herbs to properly fillet a fish.

5. Restyle a corner of your home to reflect your personal style. I touched a little bit on this last week with our record stand makeover. I think it's so important to live with what you love. Shelley over at The House of Smiths walks you through how to take on projects in an approachable manner. She's all about doing what you can now with what you have.

I took a page out of Shelley's book and recently restyled a pair of shelves in our family room. I love the family photos that were on the shelves and moved them elsewhere, but I wasn't happy with the overall look going on. They didn't really scream us.

I applied a fresh coat of spray paint, and grabbed some meaningful objects from around the house and voila.

With the addition of a horseshoe from the racetrack near the town that we met and grew up in, a vintage dog that looks like Penny, my great grandma's books and my grandma's doily these shelves now hold a lot of sentimental value.

It cost me all of $3 and I feel so happy each time I walk by them. All this to say, don't hold yourself back from making over a space for lack of funds. If you look around at what you already have, there are probably lots of things that can be easily restyled to suit your personal style.

Now here's a song to dance to. Happy weekend!
White Nights by Oh Land on Grooveshark


  1. I need to start doing some restyling around here. Our house just isn't us anymore!

  2. wow, those pancakes look yummy, thanks for sharing!

    enjoy *~*

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