May 31, 2013

A Photography Filled Weekend

I was lucky enough to have three photo shoots over Memorial Day Weekend! The families that I worked with were a ton of fun - and might I add, extraordinarily photogenic.

I'm still editing these sessions, but thought that I would share a sneak peek of some of my favorites here on the blog.

Belongia Family (Keegan, Tessa & Elias)

Hall Family (Joe, Sara, Nolan & Sophia)

Saine Family (Chris, Michaelle & Chase)

A great weekend grilling recipe is up on my food photography blog. Check it out!


  1. Love these! Glad you got a lot of jobs over the weekend.

  2. What a busy weekend Bre! These pictures are all stunning and your subjects look amazing. Love them.

  3. You got some great shots! I love the one of the little fella on the toy horse!


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