May 13, 2013

Garage Studio Makeover

My hiatus from blogging has been due largely in part to this garage turned studio makeover. I've been wanting to take on more food and product photography work and felt that a studio space at home would enable me to get more done, especially at night. 

My hope was to create an inspiring space while still embracing the industrial feel of the garage. I dedicated a pinterest board and created a mood board before starting the process. It helped to have all of my ideas and inspiration in one place.

After painting and power washing the garage (I could go the rest of my life without painting another ceiling, letmetellyou), it was time for the fun part! Lots of decorating and re-purposing. My most favorite elements are my great grandma's vintage ceramic table and the painting on my desk created by my niece, Addie.

Without further ado, I present you with my new workspace!

I made most of the word art, with the exception of the lovely "With brave wings she flies", which was made by the uber talented, Danielle Burkleo. Rugs, wall ledge, picture wire and clips, white tables and graphic pillows are from Ikea. Most everything else you see was re-purposed from my college apartment.

Right now the other side of the garage looks like this:

I have some studio lighting and a variety of backdrops arriving this week that will need to be set up. I hope to use the table for product and food photography.

Some things I still want to do to the space:

- Put up new ceiling lights (maybe something on a track)
- Add a screen to the opening of the garage for when I work at night
- Paint the door that goes into the house black or a fun color like red or turquoise
- Paint the chairs to the vintage table a high gloss bright yellow

I'm really looking forward to working in this space!


  1. You did a great job! It doesn't even looks like a garage anymore. Which reminds me. We seriously need to power wash our garage floors. Have you thought about epoxy for the floors? You can do it yourself and it gives the floors a nice finish that's easier to clean later.

  2. I love (love love love) that "Start where you are" print. I need to put that (or something like that) in my kitchen!

  3. Awesome job! Such an awesome space to be creative in. I'd kill to have this much room for doing projects and photography. Can't wait to see what all you cook up in your new studio!

  4. I love every single piece of this!!! Loved following along on Instagram :)

  5. Omg this is just amazing! You have no idea how much you just inspired me to empty out our storage room (which is one of our 2 bedrooms in this house and much needed) and make it into my blogging haven. So glad I found your blog! Amazing photography also by the way.

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