April 27, 2014

Bonus Room Makeover

I've been itching to makeover our upstairs den, or bonus room as we call them down south. This room was a hog-pog of leftover things, half finished projects and too much beige/brown. 

My goal was to lighten and brighten the room and add a bit of our personal style back in. Because I gathered items from around the house and used leftover paint from different projects, this mini makeover totaled only $27!

I painted the walls a light gray, traded curtains with one of our guest rooms, painted the mirror a blue/green, the coffee and end table gray and made free wall art using leftover canvases, spray paint and blue painters tape.

I'd like to add some finishing touches including a few colorful pillows and an aztec inspired throw. I'm hoping to purchase an area rug and would love your input. Which one of the three below do you think would look best in this space?

We have a big blank wall (pictured below) that I'm going to display photos and word art on. I also want to add a few floor poufs along the wall for some extra seating.

Lastly, when I get the desire to paint some more, I'm going to paint the entertainment center gray or white.

We have a big garage sale next weekend and the plan is to use the funds made from that to finish off this room. Decorating on a budget is the name of the game!


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